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Web Page Ranking : To make a website successful, you need good page ranking and activity in terms of hits per day. A descent amount of unique visitors is best achieved by either spending hundreds of dollars in advertising or by building free search engine activity with good website content, popularity and ranking. Ranking can be defined in terms of content, popularity and advanced mathematical algorithms.

Page Rank Algorithm : The mathematical algorithms are used to rank the "link content" for websites. These formulas take all the links to third party websites and your domain links to other pages, within the web document, and integrate all their rankings to yield a content link ranking. So if you do link to other websites, its important that the links be higher ranking. You will also get a higher content link ranking if your secondary pages have a rank greater then zero, or each page rank to be as high as possible. You should also keep your link strategy to include less then 100 links per any individual page, so you won't be caught with low rankers.

Sitemaps : There is also a matter of sitemaps, that posesses a quality that is not exactly considered content, but has a powerful impact on acceptance by the search engines, especially Google and Yahoo. You should seriously consider including a sitemap page with a sitemap.xml and a urllist.txt that includes the url of every page in your website. The sitemap.xml file is monitored by Google and the urllist.txt is picked up by Yahoo to help index your website. The sitemap files don't affect your ranking but it will speed up being indexed by these major search engines. They will also alow your website to move up in rank much easier.

Keyword Ranking : Search engines also consider keywords, description and titles in the metatags of a document and how they correlate to the page content. When you write the content for your website you should keep in mind the keywords you want to display in your metatags. When you create your keywords, you should keep in mind your page content. The keywords should match the content to achieve better focus. The title should include your front keywords and the description should also contain your most important keywords. This coordination between your metatags and page content are the key factors search engines use for finding websites that match any keyword search. Then to list the best matching websites, the search engines will pick the highest ranking sites in terms of popularity, content ranking and link ranking. With popularity being a most important parameter, search engines use, for determining which websites are the best. We decided to focus this article on building popularity, with linking strategies that don't break search engine rules, like FFA pages or link farming. Our secondary focus includes optimizing keywords and metatags for optimum search activity.

To improve your metatag content ranking you should know exactly what the search engines display for each page. The fastest way of seeing what the engines are displaying, is to input "", in any search engine. This will generate a screen with all your html pages with their Title and Description. You will see first hand what is actually listed. If you don't like what is displayed you can simply make changes to your metatags. A good title should include the name of the document and a brief summary. The brief summary should include your best or front keywords.

Keyword Research: To create keywords, we run searches through Google's keyword stats tool. The stats only convey Google search activity, but you have to divide the numbers by 12, to get your monthly figures. The keyword tool is quite useful, for determining highly searched keywords. Just put in your keyword and yearly stats, for the keyword and any similiar keywords will be generated.

Google Keyword Tool  or  Google Terms & Stats

With this list of similiar keywords and stats, you can choose highly targeted and highly searched keywords to display in your metatags. But lets first define the goals of our keyword choosing campaign. We first want keywords that generate the highest traffic with the least amount of competition. With the ultimate goal of being in the top 10 ranking, or being listed on the front page of the keyword search. For our second goal, you have to analyze your website position, according to generated revenues. Whether you sell tangable or intangable items, your focus should be on choosing keywords that are highly targeted, with high activity and lower competition.

Remember the ultimate goal is to get listed on the front page of any keyword search. After you make a list of keywords and similiar keywords, you have to determine what the competition will allow you to achieve in keyword ranking. To get some idea of the competition for keyword positioning, choose any keyword with 50,000 or more monthly searches, through Google's keyword analyzer for example (ex.Javascript). Then run the keyword through Yahoo or Googles search engine. Take any of the displayed websites like (ex. and run a popularity check through:   Link Popularity Checker    You will find that generates about 45,000 link popularity, for each of the major search engines. In fact all the websites displayed on our javascript search maintain 40,000+ link popularity.

It's also important to know what popularity your domain posseses so you can compare to the competing websites. If your website has far less popularity then the displayed websites, you should keep the keyword in your list, but search for other keywords that liye within your relm. Find keywords where the websites, on the front page of a search, approximate your popularity. You will at least have the chance to get a top 10 ranking, or be within the first three pages.

Another way of deciphering how your ranking could end up on the front page or within the first 3 pages of a search is to find keywords with only a few competing websites like 30 or 100 or even 1000.

Keyword Analyzers : During our keyword research program, we come accross an exotic Keyword Research Tool, That analyzes the density and suggests one, two and three phrase keywords.    Keyword Analyzer Tool   to generate Just put in your website URL and submit, it then does the keyword research to calculate your keyword density, and suggests alternative phrases.

To check the total keyword density of a page less stop words, check out: Google Keyword Density Tool

To find how your domain ranks for any keyword, check out :

Web Positioning Software : Improving a web site's search engine visibility and competing with other websites for top positioning, is not an easy task. It is virtually impossible to compete, for some keywords, without extra tools. We recommend WebPosition software, because of it's complete step-by-step Search Engine Optimization process.

Web Position Gold 4.0

Key Features of Web Position Gold 4.0 :
 Drive more, high qualified traffic to your web site by improving your search engine visibility.
 Automate the process of monitoring your search engine keyword rankings across more than 200 global and regional search engines.
 Use graphing capabilities to quickly monitor your SEO efforts.
 Gain insight into the highest-value keywords, link popularity and search engine saturation.
 Submit your URLs and pages to search engines quickly and easily.
 Improve your position for targeted keywords using built-in expertise which recommends ways to optimize your pages.
 Schedule, automate and brand the emailing of your WebPosition reports.
 No risk - We provide email and telephone support and a 30 day money back guarantee.

Keyword Select Tool : Another good keyword select tool is Wordtracker. Wordtracker helps website owners and search engine marketers identify keywords and phrases that are relevant to their or their client's business and most likely to be used as queries by search engine visitors.


Award-Winning SEO Software : IBP (Internet Business Promotion) is an award-winning web promotion suite that can help you get top 10 rankings in Google, Yahoo and all other major search engines. Its a complete suite for selecting and monitoring keywords, submitting to search engines and directories and optimizing your content.

IBP Software

Keyword Research Tool : The Most Powerful Keyword Research Software On The Planet! Now anyone can find thousands of profitable keywords to generate massive amounts of traffic and income online! Rapidly generate high paying adsense keyword lists of more than 10,000 keywords in as little as 2 minutes and 57 seconds!

Keyword Elite

Popularity-The Critical Factor : Before you increase your page ranking you have to be listed in all the major search engines. The very first thing you should do, after your metatags and content are in proper order, is list your site manually to Yahoo, Google and MSN. Many of the top search engines only accept manual submits. The second rate search engines can be sumitted to through free mass submitting websites or paid submitters like:

Lazy   or    Submit

or with software like:

Web Position Gold    IBP Software    Submit Wolf Pro

Link Popularity : Who is linking to your website? You can input "" in most any search engine, to get a listing of links to your website. Here's a good trick run the "" or "", for Yahoo,with the compititions domain for your front keywords and see who they are linked to. Maybe you can pick up on some high quality links.

Linking Strategies to Improve Popularity : Improving popularity is a never ending adventure, but you should allways keep in mind that quality links are the only links worth including to. Those FFA pages and link farms aren't even looked at by search engines. So you won't get any popularity links from them. A popularity link should come from a lagitimate ranking website of 2 or higher. A link from a higher ranking website of 8 or above is worth like 100 popularity links, from any low ranking websites. There is also what I term honor sites like IPL (Internet Public Library) or the "Librarians Internet Index", or educational directories like "Teach Your Children Well" that will give your website a real boost in popularity, if they accept your website link.

Calculate Link Popularity: Example :  If 3 websites are linking to your website and all of these websites have 10 sites that link to them, then your Link Popularity score will be:
33 (3 + 10 + 10 + 10).
With these quality factors in mind here are some linking strategies that will boost your popularity.

High Quality Sites : Run a search on any of your top keywords, from the top 2 pages of listings, try to submit your site to their link pages if they have them. Or submit to any directories that come up from your searches. You can submit to specialty directories through this link:    and    Best web directories

High Ranking Sites : You should make a list of high ranking sites for your keywords. To do this download Googles Toolbar at   Google Toolbar.    Googles Toolbar displays the rank for each site that comes up through your browser. You can then run a search through Google by inputting: "submit a link" and "your keyword", many sites with link pages will be displayed. When you check out each website and your Google toolbar is enabled, you can find high ranking sites. This strategy is a real time saver when your hunting for websites with similiar content, high rankings and a links page. Here are some links where you can check your Google and Yahoo rankings and tweak your metatags with SEO tools.

Get Ranks & SEO Tools  and  GoogleRank & SEO Tools,Tips...

    Here is another link to a website that allows you to input up to 20 URL's and it will generate the google page rank for each URL.

Google Page Rank Comparison Tool

    Here is another good link for comparing the ranks and link popularity of up to 100 URL's.   URL

    You could also incorporate "Arelis" link popularity software by Axandra, for keeping track of link campaigns. The software also automates the linking process.  Arelis - Link Popularity Sftw

For further reading about link popularity,check out:

Link Popularity Guide
Link Tracking Template
Sample eMail Query

High Traffic Sites : You should also consider high traffic sites for linking. You can get traffic statistics through   or for the Top 500 websites on the internet    Top 500 @   If you submit your link to any site in the top 500 you will benefit greatly. You could also query any of these sites for link exchange or write articles with an included link to your website.

Link Exchanges : Link pages or partner sites are becomming very popular, that is to quary higher ranking sites to exchange links with the main focus to increase your link popularity with quality links.

Things you can do to improve traffic from link exchanges:

1: Set up a links page but name it partners.html or anything other
     then Links.html or LinksPage.html.
2: Only swap links with high-quality sites.
3: Only swap links with relevant content sites.
4: Make your link titles enticing.

Write Articles : Submitting articles to syndicates and article content websites can be very exciting. You should consider having an article section as content for your website. Write your articles for your own content and then submit your articles to article banks and syndicates. You can find a multitude of websites that beg for third party articles. Just keep an eye open for any "Write For Us" ads when you review sites for popularity links. As long as you can display a link to your home page it will count as popularity. Think of getting your articles published by high ranking sites that get 1000's of hits per day. You can also submit your articles to Google at   Post Articles with Google.   Here is a listing of Article Banks, Syndicates ...
My Content
How To Submit Articles Effectively

If your looking for some big time exposure, you might incorporate some article submiter software like:   
Article Submitter
or an article submit service like:,
for $44.95 you can submit your articles to 100 Article Directories, with PR's 4 to 6.

Write Press Releases : Press releases is a very exciting way of branding, advertising and popularizing your website. If you write a press release anouncing a new product or company event it will be indexed by the major search engines and they count as a popularity link. You can submit your press releases for free at:

You could also incorporate press release software like:

Press Blaster Sftw    or    Media Magnet

Link Partners : On any popular website you will see a links partner section. The going trend is to get into a links partner network of high ranking websites that link to each other. You will also come across some websites that require a reciprical link to accepting your website link. You could make a simple links partner section or maintain an actual links page. Many link exchange websites will only exchange links to a page that has 30 or less links. So if you do incorporate a links page you should strategically mapout categories and links that will benefit your site. Making sure they are high ranking with lots of traffic. Here's a backlinks tool, from Search, that finds websites with links pages according to a relevant keyword.   Backlinks Finder

For the best link exchange software you should try "Link Explore". The software maintains a database of 14,000 websites, in all catagories, that will exchange links with you. They all have a ranking of 4 or higher and can be filtered to generate all websites from 6 to 10 page ranking.   Link Explore

Professional Web Site Submission : All the link strategies discussed so far are good linking strategies that don't cost a dime to implement. However to get top 10 positioning for popular keywords will usually require a vast amount of popularity. Especially attractive keywords that generate tens of 1000's hits per month. If you don't have a lot of time to hunt for high ranking sites or you don't have access to a team of free submitters like a wife and kids. Then you might try any of the following proffessional submitting websites. They offer a written guarantee to position your website in the top 10 rankings for your keywords. They charge for setting your metatags, making sitemaps and submitting to the top search engines and secondary directories, every month. For the guarantee its well worth the investment. You may find after getting through our free link strategy campaign, that submitting your site is a lot of time consumming work. Consider incorporating these pro's.

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