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Internet Marketing - Where To Put Your Advertising Dollars
by  Ozioscilator,  mangt@portaldepot.net
Last modification date : Tues, March 25, 2008

Search Engine Submission: As you might have noticed there is a lot of hype from the Internet Marketing media, with the millions of hits guarantees.  My opinion its all scam. Popunders, nobody likes them and they don't generate traffic, all of the time.  The only thing their really good for is possibly branding.  Search Engine Blasts 1500, 4000 ... even the 400,000 blasts are all fallonious.  The bulk of the blasts are sent to FFA (Free For All) link pages.  Well nobody ever reads the FFA link pages, so you won't get any click thru action and as far as popularity exposure, they don't even get indexed by the search engines. They don't consider FFA's, to be quality links, for their popularity checks.  And for the remainder of legitimate search engines, the only engines that accept inclussions from blasters are the auto submit sites. Most of your top search engines have to be submitted manually. They don't accept auto inclussions. Check out this hyperlink for a list of auto and manual Search Engine inclussion.

Search Engine Submit

eMail Marketing: How about the big tomatoe bulk eMail.  With the introduction of the Can Spam Act the rule is "no unsolliscited commercial eMail".  For the most part only opt-in email is allowable.  But you better make sure you have, your own Newsletter SignUp, or Give A Way Programs, with an autoresponder, because the opt-in email lists you rent are either untargeted or mostly junk.  And even the opt-in rental lists are considered spam anymore.  So only opt-in email generated from your own site is really permisable, and in actuality it is the only email advertising that realy works effectively. If you want to run email campaigns here is a list of the most popular autoresponders.

OptIn Pro.com
Nitro List Builder

For the DoItYourselfer's try these eMail Autoresponder Softwares:

eMail List Manager
Mailloop List Manager

Banner Advertising: Banner ads are still a good source for advertising as long as your inclussions are highly targeted.  Banner advertising is far better then any popunder form of advertising and you will usually get a much better response for your click thru activity.  If you do run banner campaigns look for an advertising network that have highly targeted placement with guaranteed click thru traffic. Here is a list of the more popular Ad Networks.

Real Tech Network
Guaranteed Click Thrus
Submit Pro.us

Pay Per Click Advertising: One of the best advertising media is the pay per click search engine traffic.  The new craze, intelligent search engine advertising, is the front lines of the internet ecommerce advetising.  Savy advertising agents that know Pay Per Click is the best avenue for producing sales, for some tangible products. Setting up sophisticated adwords programs for big money websites.      If you know what your doing and you have already set your meta tags properly then you can advertise directly with the top 10 Pay Per Click Search Programs.

Search 123.com
1st Search Ranking
Enhance International
Yahoo MSN AltaVsta
Search Feed.com
Pocket Flier.com
Mr Wordsmith
7 Search.com

SEO - Search Engine Optimization: Search Engine Submission companies that guarantee to put your site on the front page of every search, is the new submission enhancement. This advertising sector makes claims for getting to the front page, for every keyword search, with of course setting up your site properly, to reach this goal.  Its true that the meta tags, keywords and site description should match your web content to get high end search activity. But you will also find "Link Popularity" to be a critical factor for consistant high ranking activity.  If and when you ever seek out a SEO submission site, I woudn't employ any agent that promotes "FFA Pages", for getting top incussions. Because they are about to get carbuncled by the search engine corporations.  The big search engines don't like FFA pages, or any Link Farm pages, and we project in the near future they will be outlawed entirely. Go with the advertisers that will develop sitemaps, set your meta tags, keywords and site description, to match the content of your website, rather then the FFA Hypers. If you are seeking a good SEO, here is a list of some of the best web promotion advertisers on the internet.

Submit Plus.com
1st Search Ranking.com
Engine Seeker.com
Service Wrap
I Need Hits.com
Clicks 2 You.com
Advertise To Millions
MegaWeb Promotion
Contextual Adv Network
Global Promote
Direct Hits.com

     As a final inhancement to your Search Engine campaigns, try directory submitters that manually submit your website to the more popular directories on the internet.  These are called quality inclussions, they charge a big buck for their work but if you get 2,3,4 ... 10 quality inclussions its worth more then 10 million FFA links.  There arn't too offly many of them but here is a listing.

500 Directory Submit
Hand Submission - LocalSubmit.com
I Need Hits.com

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